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    Download swype keyboard for android Just Swype key to The app always inserts that wrong word instead of the correct word. I think Samsung is in cahoots with the owners of this app. I prefer Swype regardless though. Now you have to toggle between the languages which is a huge pain. Swype is even more customizable than ever. SWYPE KEYBOARD FEATURE EXCLUSIVES:SWYPE LIVING LANGUAGE crowd-sources and updates your dictionary with the latest trending words. More than 250 million of downloads. Have look at them before going to the download area. The keyboard also includes the option of making security copies to be able to have your keyboard completely customized to any device you want. Will definitely invest in the full version. The vibrate on touch does not work. SWYPE KEYBOARD FEATURES: NEW: Many new themes are now available in the Swype Store! Language Downloads: Swype supports 60 downloadable languages and 20 dialects. Write your messages and texts as fast as possible thanks to the flexibility and intuition of this mobile application. Now you have to toggle between the languages which is a huge pain. NOTE: In Google Play, you will also find the free version of this app to try it before purchasing the full version. For the voice typing it often adds a space before the full stop like this. Swype pays attention to the way you input text and creates a personal language model that follows you from device to device. The best of Swype is that it is a customizeable keyboard that remembers and it gets adaoted automatically to your vocabulary but also to your way of writing, with which you will not have any kind of mistakes in any sentence you write. Download swype keyboard for android Swipe is a great idea, but these issues make the application a massive letdown. Words suggested by Swype will automatically adjust to your bilingual language preferences. The swype wienies now charge and the auto-predict absolutely BLOWS. Swype: the most powerful keyboard in the world. Available in 36 languages. You may change your cookie preferences and obtain more information. Scroll to Swype Keyboard Trial download section.

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